Power Parables & Other Inspirational Short Stories.

Inspirational Short Stories, motivational stories in the form of parables, Zen Riddles, speeches for inspiration and motivation.

Experience The Power of Stories!

Jesus use it, Zen Practioner loves it. Nothing beats an inspirations in the form of stories. An inspirational story gives one comfort, joy, even a sense of hope.

Inspirational Stories, fiction or non fiction put ones life back into perspective and bring your intellectual capacity into a whole new level!

Inspirational Stories in the form of speeches helps a Nation fights a war.

Inspirational Stories read from books is the food for our soul during our sleepless night,

Inspirational stories, told during a conversation gives comfort and encouragement to our troubled friends.

Inspirational stories, told by our parents when we was a kid.....remind us of how much we are loved.

Here are some collection of the some of my "students" and friends' favourite inspirational stories articles, poems, even Zen riddles that are sure to Boost Up Your Life "Mojo" a little. Enjoy!

A 3 Minutes Story : [Springs In The Desert]....'This journey is a breeze, each time I runs out of water, there will be another spring of water along the way that appears almost just in time, and between the springs there was a pathway to follow. As if an angel had somehow laid a pathway before me.'

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