Split Second Inspirations In Today's Over Demanding Age

Inspirations, Motivations, and other Sound Advice in today's Over Demanding Age.

Is There a Monkey in your Head?

And you are thinking to yourself....."What does Monkey have anything to do with inspirations?"

Nothing, if your "skeptical persona" is running the show of your life now but Everything...if you can open your mind and let your Heart boss around for a while.

If you are like me, you will know how our mind are like a monkey sometime, jumping up and down at all directions, swinging from one branch of thought to another, screaming and screeching all around our "brain trees"; a very common experience nowadays, when a lot of us are overscheduled, overworked, overweight and overspend ourselves getting the "Their System" running instead of our Own Life.

And I thought they say "Life Matters!"

These are just one of the many emotional monsters we need to deal with in our present time.Others included boredom spiders, inner critique, fear ...etc.

Yes! The technology gets better, but our confusions and struggles seems to get triple as well!

The causes of these "emotional monsters" are yet to be determined but I believe some of the possible reasons are as follows:

  • We work too hard
  • We work too hard on a wrong job. 
  • Information overload.
  • Overscheduled
  • Being too nice to people that doesn't deserve it or... 
  • Any other Unresolved Emotional Issue like Anger, Despair...etc
  • But what else can we do about that? After all, we all have obligations to meet,commitment to keep,responsibility to take,bills to pay...etc.Life's still need to goes on, right? Hey!That's what "T-H-E-Y"say. But are they really talking about Y-O-U-R life here?!

    HERE's a fact for you...


    This is what www.Free-Spirit-Inspirations.com is all about...

    Taming Monkeys & Killing Spiders or any other emotional monsters, with doses of inspiring element, in whatever form they may appear. So that you may have ....

    "The Moment of Serenity to Revive your state of Absolute Clarity and Power for you to bring forth what you are and what you might be."

    or to put it in a less "mumbo jumbo" way...

    "For Heaven Sake! Get Your Life Back! "

    So what kind of Inspirational Delights can one look for here?

    Here are the various inspiring resources you will find here, along with a whole bunch of other inspirational delights, thought provoking and interesting ideas, which I will be exploring and sharing in this site in the future:

    Spirit Masters... Real life Lessons from motivational speakers, success gurus and other inspiring persona...etc. Lesson Number One: SHOOT THEM!

    Mind Games... Inspirational mind games or psycho analysis to understand yourself or empower the brain child in you to Destroy Your Greatest Enemy In Life: "Your Inner Critique"!

    Power Parables... Experience Sudden Clash Of Thunder, Split Second Enlightenment (Did I say Enlightenment?) from Inspiring stories, powerful parables and thought provoking Zen riddles.

    Quotes World... Suck Up The "Brain Mojo" from all the inspirng "persona" throughout our history....quotes inspirational, quotes motivational,movie quotes , funny quotes, love quotes, unheard of quotes...etc, until you decided that "I Have Enough!" & dump them aside to become a Master of Quotes yourself

    Secrets, Tips, Tricks or Unorthodox Ways to... Deal, tame or slay your emotional monsters like Anger, Boredom or anxiety...etc. Yes! is about time that we tell them:... " Get lost or else .... "

    More to come on these and other brash, digestible 'Inspiring Ideas' that I will add on in hope to Inspire you, Intrigue you, Provoke you,or Spark The Fire in you in taking bold and daring actions to get your life back and enjoy it like a spiritual adventure.

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    So, enjoy your visit. Step on in and explore. But whatever you do here, keep this in mind...

    whenever an inspiration came knocking on to your heart; that magical moment will be yours to own; by all means... Embrace that Moment... and use them in whatever way your hearts tell you to.

    Let's begin your Spiritual Adventure:

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